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2021 19 مارس
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  • I know your adjara

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  • I do not know how to donate

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  • Hi Brandon . your cute

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  • Hi Brandon. Are dady long legs deadly?

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  • I’ve notice that when you switched the canvie with the actual paintings

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  • im am a BIG FAN HELLO

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  • Hi I love your vis

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  • Omg can’t believe i miss this 😭 Brandon

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  • when are u live again because I want to chat with my funniest youtuber

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  • this was on my bday

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  • how did i miss this!?

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  • United States.o

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  • Hello today!

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  • It’s 3am in the moring

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  • cool............

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  • I’m dead

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  • Bro how did you managed to be alive? We'll are still dead(inside and out)

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  • Hi Brandon can you please give me a shout out thax

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  • I found you because AMC princess Ana she is over the moon about you she thinks you are hilarious... And she's right!!!

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  • Iam really sad I mist it

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  • when you postin the opening tho 👀👀

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  • am i the only one that would filping watch this dude for 15 days or more prob 3 years

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  • sup Brandan

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  • Omg i LOVE him❤❤❤

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  • You have been my light in a dark place...

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  • Wait!! When was. The opening and where

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    • Today, did u see it?

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  • Hi love your videos

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  • Im so late lol

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  • I didn't get to join the live because I was the doctor's and it sucked but I'm happy that I can watch it even after it was streamed.

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  • how long are you doing this ??????????

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  • The water from the beginning is from the world -w-

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  • Well nothing like a bet I didn’t agree to. Nice shot

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  • You helped me get through a rough year thank you so much. Your awesome without even trying to be

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  • how did i miss thissss waaaaaa

  • Wtf???!!!

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  • you are funny very

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  • I missed it I was not able to watch youtube on this day:(

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  • I really can't believe that i'm here for an HOUR

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  • hi

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  • Love ur vids keep going brandon can u make a vidio that makes me laugh i like when u destroy ur you’re house i realy like the whit thing u did in ur kitchen with ur sister😍🇳🇴😍🥰😘❤️💗💓💖

    Teodor KallsetTeodor Kallsetپیش 20 روز
  • Can you do a shout out for me and my fiance austin?

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  • Your videos are absolutely hilarious!!!

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  • Hello!!!

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  • Why I can’t live chat

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  • Hi I love your video my first live

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  • People can be so mean! I still find you so funny and you never fail to cheer me up :) take care fellow ginger!

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  • Why do you look like pewdipie XDD

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  • Hi

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  • Yor the best brandon

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  • Brandon, your welcome for the $260 dollars i donated. I think you deserved it. your the best IRworldr i know. Ps, your like my idol ❤️ :3

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  • I love imbrandinfariis

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  • why don' t you do opening videos anymore

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  • Here's a tutorial how to get the paint out of your carpet... irworld.info/show/fy-lm-h-y/a6qdacdpns6KmLo.html

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  • #gegenkopftuchverbot #muslimlivesbetter

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  • I love this guy

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    • XD

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  • You look stunning sis✨

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  • Would love to see google translate Chinese food

    Wes JoyWes Joyپیش 21 روز
  • Wait lol I started watching this guy a few months ago. Who’s Kelly?

    Food UtopiaFood Utopiaپیش 21 روز
    • @Licia Young ok! Thanks! 😀

      Food UtopiaFood Utopiaپیش 15 روز
    • If u search IRworld for “who is Kelly Brandon Farris” some videos will pop up about the story.

      Licia YoungLicia Youngپیش 16 روز
  • Hah is it just me or does the hat check just get me the way he turned his hat a little

    Vibes With grandmaVibes With grandmaپیش 21 روز
  • Hi

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  • Yo buzzfeed blatantly copying your Google translate cooking, just wanted you to know

    Small-Cata 42Small-Cata 42پیش 21 روز

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  • Hi Brandon! Can you please make us cheese cake with google translate?

    K WalkerK Walkerپیش 21 روز
  • For the love of Bob bring back the vod in the car please!

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  • Love your videos

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  • I'm live

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  • I can't tip in the chat😔 It won't work

    • I think it only works when he is live 💜

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  • Brandon! You need to react to your video Google Translate Makes Grilled Cheese! And if you're not brandon and see this: go watch it!

    DollorNothingDollorNothingپیش 21 روز
  • Well you do a great job, Brandon. Glad you are taking a bit of a break from doing a video a day. I only recently started putting videos up, and it does take a lot more work than what is shown. Keep up the great job! 👍😁

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  • Can u play among us please plzzzz

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  • I missed it ugh

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